Publishers information:
A' True History of Crouch End'
by Roger Hayman and Brian Price
First published 1995
ISBN 0 9527370 0 0
Web edition published 2000
Copyright 1995, 2000 R Hayman, B Price

Copies have been placed in the Bodleain Library, Oxford; University Library, Cambridge; National Library of Scotland; Library of Trinity College, Dublin; and the National Library of Wales.

Chapter 1 The early days, and the vast Tin and Copper Mines in the Muswell hills
Chapter 2 The industrial revolution, and the great Stoke Newington Ship Canal which ran from Hornsey High Street to the Thames
Chapter 3 The tragic rivalry between Josiah Weston and Sir Thadaeus Llangthorne
Chapter 4 The Hornsey shipping industry, and the dire food riots of 1785
Chapter 5 The growth of the Crouch End Fishing fleet
Chapter 6 The true story of the Clock Tower, and the devastating earthquake of 1811