The Clock Tower and a Crouch End Panorama  
The Clock Tower is well known through all of North London, and is much loved by all Crouch End residents. It was recently cleaned and restored, and the notorious public toilets which adjoined it hermetically sealed in concrete.
Many famous artists and poets have worked in Crouch End over the Centuries. Ray Davies and the Kinks recorded their hit records at their studio in Tottenham Lane, and the legendary Bob Dylan once enjoyed Chicken Tikka Massala at the 'Belash' Indian restaurant.
  Cecile Park in Spring is Crouch End's prettiest street with its spectacular flowering cherry trees. After the bloom a carpet of petals cover the ground like pink snow, cheering the commuters on their dreary way to work. The street celebrated its centenary in 1988.   The former Hornsey College of Art, which was taken over as an education centre for the Trades Union Council, and is now part of Coleridge Primary School.  
  Hornsey High Street today, with the 'Three Compasses' pub on the left.   Hornsey Town Hall was built in 1935, and has grade II listed building status. It was used by Hornsey Council until 1966, when Hornsey became part of Haringey. It is due to be taken over by Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2014.